Cotters Lane

Cotters Lane​

Environment Graphics​

Client — Stockman Group Limited
Role — Designer

The Challenge

Stockman Group asked me to design graphics for their new ‘Cotters Lane’ building. This included creating the building‘s visual identity and applying it throughout – from the external street level addressing to the internal wayfinding and wall art over the three levels.

A key component of the brief was to play on the theme of the building‘s longest-standing tenant, the illustrious C. F. Cotter, whose business was inspired by the massive potential of electricity. After more than 100 years ’Cotters Electrical’ remains a Christchurch institution.

The Response

The Italianate façade is perfectly proportioned with a chain of arched sash windows and a decorative stepped parapet. I have re-used the window arches in the design of the glass compliance decals on the entrance doors, through the laneway, and in the wayfinding signage.

The use of a 1900s Art Nouveau design detail compliments the era of the original building and the colour palette is a modern interpretation of this interior design style.

The laneway is architecturally designed as a small shopping arcade, in turn-of-the-century style, with coloured tiles and feature lighting. I have designed hanging signs with wrought iron brackets that complete the impression.

The wall art selected blends the old with the new, honouring the site’s commercial past with custom wallpaper and prints of vintage product advertising.

The Stockman Group suite, on level two, includes feature doors opening to a balcony. The glass compliance decals are designed as a reflection of the stepped parapet outside.



Cotters Lane is a newly constructed commercial building at 158 High Street. The ground floor consists of two retail spaces on each side of a central laneway leading to a hospitality space at the back. Levels one and two accommodate seven boutique office suites with tenants sharing access to a meeting room, kitchen, bathrooms and shower.

The original building on the site was constructed in 1900, its most notable tenant being Christopher Francis Cotter who opened a retail store there in 1919. Cotter & Co. sold electrical appliances from innovative brands of the time, including Phillips, Stewart-Warner and Tellus.

Irish ex-pat Cotter was a man known for his energy and foresight. He served part of his apprenticeship in the West Coast Town of Reefton, the earliest town in the Southern Hemisphere to install electric street lighting.

The building was badly damaged in the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. The historic façade was preserved and now stands as a feature in front of the three-storey new build.

20 Years – 20 Logos


20 Years – 20 Logos

Robertson Creative is celebrating twenty years of business in 2022. To capture my journey, and mark this important milestone, I’ve collected together twenty logo designs. 

Looking back, I’m very satisfied with the work I’ve delivered, the visual brands I’ve built, and the people I’ve been able to work with in that time. I am so thankful to every single person who has contributed to my business. I have been fortunate to work with true visionaries – inspiring entrepreneurs and skilled business managers, passionate suppliers and enthusiastic students. It has been a rewarding journey. 

Back in 2002, I was super grateful for my Power Macintosh, Deskjet printer and trusty fax machine, keen to become self-employed but with no guarantees. Little did I know I would reach a twenty-year anniversary. In that time, my business has evolved and refined but not expanded and that was always the plan; to build a sustainable business that would allow me to be flexible enough to move with the industry and to ride any wave, and there certainly were waves. 2004 tested my health with the arrival of a preemie baby, the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, and the difficulties we have faced over the past 18 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I’ve completed endless hours of work that I am incredibly proud of; had a lot of pleasure working with diverse and stimulating people, and navigated my way through a great deal of change in design practice. Looking towards the future I feel that the drive I had to rid my environment of ugliness is still present. Therefore I am excited to continue designing and to complete more creatively challenging projects.

Clients — Rawlinsons, Oceania Development Group, Visa Centre, Aime Wedding Stationery, Build Right, SwanLake, Hackthorne Gardens, RJP Panel and Paint, New Plymouth Aquatics, Thrive Business Accountants, Craze Kaiapoi, KPI Rothschild, Above Your Space Billens, Headspace, Global Office, Stockman Builders, Simms Jones, Wanderlust Campers, Any Excuse, Addington Pharmacy
Role — Designer

Ruby Black

Ruby Black

Above Your Space

Client — Stockman Group
Role — Designer

A visual brand designed for the Ruby Black building – Stockman Group’s newest development at 201-203 High Street, Christchurch. Ruby Black is a marriage of old and new. Its stunningly preserved Victorian facade has been hidden behind shipping containers since the 2011 earthquakes. We can now roll back the curtains to reveal its modern architecture, beauty and personality within.

The desire for the brand was to create a female face to represent the building and so the lady in question, Miss Ruby Black, also represents this transformation. This independent woman is the epitome of colonial elegance, but under that feather brimmed hat is a strong and intelligent mind. She can be spotted from the street, stepping forward into a new era.


Mole Screen

Mole Screen

Client — Mole Screen
Role — Designer

Mole Screen is a new, Christchurch, skin health clinic providing melanoma detection at an affordable price.

Our role was to create an identity that met the character of the clinic and spoke to the target audience – from 50 years + with a history of sun exposure.

The resulting logo device derives from the dermoscopic magnification technology used to inspect skin lesions. The cross and cool blue colour illustrate the medical aspect of the clinic. We chose a bright supporting colour palette, yellow and red to convey the power of the sun.

Visit the Mole Screen website — designed and built in WordPress here at Robertson Creative. Content writing by  Priority Communications.


Harris House

Harris House

Interior design and way finding at Harris House, the newly refurbished art deco styled office building in Christchurch’s SALT District – 234 St Asaph Street.

Working together with Michael John of AO Architecture and KPI Rothschild.

Client — KPI Rothschild Ltd
Role — Designer

Wanderlust Campers

Wanderlust Campers

Explore Love Wander

Awesome little van rentals with everything you need for a kiwi adventure. Wanderlust Campers is a family owned company based here in Christchurch. The visual brand, logo and website was redesigned to reflect the passion and energy behind the business and boost bookings.

The resulting brand embodies the fun nostalgic style of New Zealand’s tradition of outdoor adventure through retro colours and graphic style. The imagery guidelines are designed to illustrate the native bush and high mountain ranges accessible to travellers.

Client – Wanderlust
Role – Designer

W. L. Brown

W. L. Brown & Co.

Presenting the newly refurbished W. L. Brown building. Southwark Equities repurposed the former engineers and foundry workshop into creative, artful modern office space. We loved developing the commercial building brand, wayfinding signage and interior design for this project at 36 – 38 Southwark Street, Christchurch.


Client — Southwark Equities
Role — Designer

Swinard Wooden Floors

Swinard Wooden Floors

The skilled craftsmen at Swinard Wooden Floors have been installing floors for over 25 years. They provide a specialised product and have an impressive project portfolio with plenty of happy customers. But attitudes and perceptions change over time so a company that has been around for so long is likely to have  a brand that is in need of attention. The Swinard visual brand was no longer providing recognition for their value.

My personal connection with, and understanding of, Swinard Wooden Floors helped me to design a new identity to appeal to their audience of architects, builders and homeowners. The refreshed colour palette and established visual standards for their communication material will provide support for their sales team and will build a renewed recognition of the Swinard brand.


Client — Swinard Wooden Floors
Role — Designer

Stockman Builders

Stockman Builders

Stockman is a local Christchurch builder currently developing in central High Street.


Client — Stockman Builders
Role — Designer



OneCall are office technology specialists. With the company’s current logo being more suited to that of telecommunication, OneCall required a new identity, a stronger, stand-alone brand representing all the products they supply.

My brief was to highlight the ‘four pillars’ of the company – speed, service, expertise, reliability. My solution was to introduce a colourful, friendly feel to the brand. This less corporate approach would give OneCall an identity that differentiates them from the product brands they supply.

The new identity was very well recieved by the company directors, while being unexpected it fulfilled their brief and they were keen to get it out and working. The new branding appears on their building signage, vehicles, stationery and website.

Client — OneCall
Role — Designer